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Application Server

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Describe an overview of the Oracle Application Server.

It is a complete and integrated platform to develop, deploy, and administer an Internet application using industry’s browsers.

What are the Oracle Application Server solution areas?

HTTP Server, J2EE, and Web Services: The HTTP interface for all the Oracle Application Server components. J2EE enables a user to design, develop, and deploy dynamic Web sites. You use the Web services to expose business functions to authorized parties over the internet.
Portals: You can build, deploy, and maintain self-service by using portals in the Oracle Application Server.
Wireless: It simplifies development and deployment of an application in a wireless environment.
Caching: It caches static and dynamic web content.
Business Intelligence: It provides a dynamic personalized content to both registered and anonymous visitors.
Integration: It integrates the Oracle Application server users to many non-Oracle data sources.
Availability and Scalability:
Management and Security: It uses secure sockets layer (SSL) connections and client certificate based authentication and single sign-on across all applications. It implements an LDAP directory that provides a single repository and administration environment for a use account.

What are the OracleAS Middle-Tier components and solutions?

J2EE and Web Services
- Oracle HTTP sever
- OracleAS Containers for J2EE
- OracleAS TopLink
- Oracle Business components for Java
- OracleAS web Services
- Oracle XML Developer Kit
- Oracle PL/SQL
- OracleAS MapViewer

Business Intelligence
- OracleAS Reports Services
- OracleAS Forms Services
- OracleAS Discoverer
- OracleAS personalization

- OracleAS Portal
- OracleAS Portal Developer Kit

- OracleAS wireless

- OracleAS Web Cache

- OracleAS InterConnect
- OracleAS ProcessConnect

What is the Oracle HTTP Server?

It provides a Web Listener for OracleAS containers such as J2EE (OC4J), Java, XML, PL/SQL, PERL, C, C++, etc. The following modules are enhancement to Oracle HTTP Server such as mod_plsql, mod_perl, mod_fastcgi, mod_oc4j, mod_oradav, mod_ossl, mod_ossso, and more.

What are the Oracle Application Server management tools?

OEM – Oracle Enterprise Manager
DCM – Distributed Configuration Management (dcmctl)
OPMN – Oracle Process management and Notification Server (opmnctl)


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